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Robert T. Irvine



An accomplished Web Developer with over four years of experience designing Web Sites and Web-Based Applications.  Effectively utilizes Object-Oriented Concepts to develop reliable and scalable applications, to meet the specific needs of companies and individuals.  The main goal is to offer services to individuals and companies as an outside contractor.


Summary of Qualifications:

  • Skilled with designing and implementing diverse types of web sites
  • Extensive experience working with and developing in-house systems
  • Conversant with the project life cycle from conception to implementation
  • Experience with the project management of an enterprise level application
  • Proven leadership skills with managing other programmers to meet project milestones


Technical Skills:

Languages: PHP, ASP.Net, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, VB, VB.Net, MySQL, SQL Server 2005 - 2008, Java, COBAL, Pascal, C++, Active Reports, Component One, Refactor!, MZ Tools, Xceed Components

Development Software: Web Builder 2.7, HTML Kit, BBEdit, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Homesite 5, Jbuilder 9, Microsoft Visual Studio.Net Pro 2003 - 2008, Personal COBOL, Visual Basic 6, Visual C++ 6

Multimedia Software: Adobe Photoshop 7 - CS, Premiere 7 Pro; Macromedia Director MX, Fireworks MX, Flash MX; Alias Wavefront Maya 5.0, IMovie, Ulead DVD Movie Factory 2, Ulead Video Studio 6

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, 95; Mac OS 10, 9, Linux via SSH

Other Software: Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 - 8, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Netscape; Microsoft Outlook Express, Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio, FrontPage, Access, Quicken, Remedy, MS Project, SSH, Axosoft OnTime


Professional Experience:

Software Developer

Crown Data Systems – Buffalo, NY

12/06 to Present

Responsible for all web-based technologies:

  • Maintain the company website
  • Using Object-Oriented concepts with ASP.Net and SQL Server: designed, built, and maintain the web-based express version of the main software package that assists in the tracking and management of freight for trucking companies
  • Using Object-Oriented concepts with PHP and MySQL: designed, built, and maintain the shipment tracking site that integrates with both the enterprise application and the lighter web-based version

Other Responsibilities:

  • Help maintain the company’s flagship enterprise application
  • Maintain the company’s GPS software package
  • Create and maintain testing procedures for assigned products
  • Create and oversee the maintenance of help files for assigned products
  • Record and maintain a list of all the defects and features for all assigned products


Notable Accomplishments:

  • Brought a more contemporary look to the company sites
  • Created an online toolkit for generating classes in PHP
  • Created a management console to maintain the accounts and databases for the freight management website


Lead Software Developer:

Fortuna Enterprises – Buffalo, NY

03/06 to 12/06

Responsible for project management of the in-house enterprise application:

  • Brought the existing software up to spec
  • While addressing issues in the existing application redesigned the entire package and moved it to a more scalable object-oriented model.
  • Updated the protocols to meet the requirements of the updated eBay schema
  • Managed the programming staff to meet the project milestones set forth by upper management


Notable Accomplishments:

  • Created scheduling logic that prevented the company from being reprimanded by eBay for failing to follow listing policy
  • Created a warehousing package that allowed the company to keep a more accurate account of inventory
  • Created a secure permissions based framework that restricted users to assigned departments
  • Created reports to give management an accurate picture of revenue, departmental productivity, inventory status, and the status of eBay listings


Web Developer:

Computer SOS – Cheektowaga, NY

12/05 to 03/06

Responsible for designing websites and developing web-based applications for clients:

  • Designed the styles for all the clients websites, including those managed by other developers
  • Developed several websites for clients with different business focuses
  • Developed an online application using PHP and MySQL focusing on image management for the purpose of building online photo albums and statistics tracking of athletes
  • Developed an online application using PHP and MySQL for managing job interview candidates and the interview process, including management of standardized interview questions


Notable Accomplishments:

  • Redesigned the standard template that the company used for designing client websites
  • Brought a more modern look to the websites the company was developing


Software Implementation and Support

Crown Data Systems – Buffalo, NY

07/04 to 12/05

Responsible for software implementations and support:

  • Traveled extensively in and out of the country performing software implementations for new customers and updating current customers to the new version of the company’s flagship product; Crown Freight Manager is an enterprise application for trucking companies that enables them to manage freight dispatching and billing
  • Developed and maintained the help files for the new version of the software that had been released
  • Headed all testing of the new software and managed the people brought in from outside the company to test the software with live data
  • Used PHP and MySQL to create a tracking website that integrates with the enterprise package to allow agents and forwarders to track freight status and updated shipment information provided by the system


Notable Accomplishments:

  • Developed procedures for testing all aspects of the enterprise application
  • Created a secure shipments tracking website



IDC Consulting – Tonawanda, NY

12/03 to 05/04

Responsible for writing parsers:

  • Used Java to write parsers which became the basis of a custom programming language that allows users to enter psuedocode rather than programming syntax
  • Disassembled code from the original source program and developed compatible classes that would work in the existing class hierarchy
  • Developed a static site using HTML for the owner that allowed him to post information for the classes he was teaching


Technical Support

Client Logic – Buffalo, NY

06/02 to 07/04

Responsible for providing technical support to the customers of United Online:

  • Provided hardware and software support to customers
  • Was responsible for Level 2 support in addition to providing Level 1 support


Data Analyst

Medaille College New Media Institute – Buffalo, NY

09/01 to 05/04

Responsible for tracking data relevant to the multimedia lab:

  • Created and maintained spreadsheets to track lab usage and other lab related statistics
  • Created and maintained spreadsheets to control employee hours and payroll


Computer Technician

Mason’s PC Shop – Ellwood City, PA

9/98 to 06/01

Responsible for building and repairing customer computers:

  • Spec and build computers for customers
  • Give estimates for and perform repairs to customer computers
  • Kept pace with current computer trends


Relevant Skills:


  • Public relations
  • Public speaking
  • Team oriented project experience
  • Strong understanding of programming logic
  • Quick to learn new programming language syntax


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